The Russell Pastoral Company has its administrative headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, and operates 2 large aggregations, concentrated in Southern and Central Queensland



The company’s best known station- Jimbour- was one of the first stations established when the Darling Downs was opened for European settlement .

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Champion Station is located 60km north east of Blackall and 600km west of Rockhampton.

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The stations of Russell Pastoral Company are part of the developing tourism infrastructure which is transforming and opening up the many wonders of the Queensland Outback to visitors. Experience first hand the rich heritage that shaped our nation, meet the people of the Outback and follow in the footsteps of some of Australia’s most famous explorers.

Jimbour Station

The station of Jimbour is dominated by the impressive structure of Jimbour House, which was originally built in 1874,and remains one of Queensland’s oldest and most stately homes. The House is listed with the Australian Heritage Commission and stages major events throughout the year.The garden of Jimbour is open to the public all year round.

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Opera at Jimbour

Opera at Jimbour returns in 2021